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              Guangdong linde paint co., LTD. is located in the Economical developed, and beautiful Scenery of the Great Man's hometown - Guangdong province Zhongshan city, Company is a professional engaged in Chemical Raw Materials, Coating large technology , scientific Research, Production and trading. In 2009S combined with the German Linde Group Chemical Industry co., LTD., Introduced abroad advanced paint production equipment and new environmental protection formula,.In a high starting point, on the basis of a strict, Is committed to Asia-Pacific of products development and promotion , and set up a powerful sales network in major cities. advanced business strategy for consumers, dealers, companies win business purpose. Introduced products include Interior and exterior latex paint, really stone paint, texture paint, rock slice, multi-color, floor paint, fluorocarbon paint, polyester paint, nitro paint, water-based wood coatings, art paint, and other varieties.Company's main brand, the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Brands, Chinese consumers satisfaction, paint coating the top ten brands,.CCTV broadcasting China Central television honors such as the health camp interviews paint brands, and China railway group, and construction group, Yunnan construction engineering group and other large construction group to achieve long-term cooperation relationship.

              Companies adhering to health, environmental protection, the nature of human values, adhere to the "integrity of connected customers, return markets by quality, with services to create value opportunities, innovation win the opportunity,professional to lead the industry, of business enterprise principles. For every family to provide healthy and environmentally products and high quality, professional service.


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